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What is this site?
1) What is this site?
This site is a Social Exchange where you can increase your Website Traffic and Social Popularity. Likes, Followers, Views, Listens, Clicks, Plus One's and more
2) What are coins?
The coins are points you receive from your activity with other users.
3) What can I do with coins?
You can exchange them for Website Traffic and Social Presence.
4) How can I earn coins?
You will earn coins for every exchange from you, to our users. You like them and they like you
5) Can I buy coins?
Yes, you can buy coins. Click on Buy coins for more info. There are also other ways to earn Free Coins
6) How does the Activity Points System Work?
For every click you perform, You gain Activity points and bonus coins. As your Activity level raises, so does the amount of bonus coins you receive per click.
7) What do I get for referring people?
For every person you refer you get points. You even get points just for getting people to visit our site.
8) What is a Premium account?
Premium members get a lot more benefits than regular members. More settings, more coins and loads more. Please see the purchase premium section for a full list.
9) Can I Buy Premium account?
Yes you can buy a Premium account. You'll also get it free points with every sold month.
10) Can I Earn a Premium account?
Yes its possible to earn a premium membership. You visit the bonus section for more information on how to get free premium
11) What is CPC?
CPC means Cost Per Click. The more coins you offer the faster your links get clicked, liked, shared etc. This is due to your links getting shown before lower CPC links
12) What is Boost?
Some exchanges are not as popular as other exchanges. For this reason we introduced the Boost System. You can Boost your CPC beyond the normal limits of 10 CPC
13) How do I get started?
You simply add your sites, fanpages, videos etc from the My Account Menu and assign how many coins to award per task. The more you offer the faster your clicks increase
14) Im not getting clicks, likes, followers, visits etc?
We don't guarantee that you will have those exchanges. We only provide means for you to advertise your Social Networks. Everything is based on user participation as we can not force a member to click your link or like your page. Test the exchange yourself and ensure it is working. If it is working try increasing your CPC to make it more attractive for another member. Also some of our exchanges are a lot more popular than others. Try the boost system on the less popular exchanges
15) How do I earn Cash on this exchange plateform?
We do NOT pay you Cash for interacting with our site. You can only earn Cash on our website by referring active referrals. This will be payable by PayPal. This option is not yet activated on our Website.
16) How many links can I add?
We do not limit the number of links you can add.
17) What is Reporting?
We provide means to report any faults with our website. If a whole exchange is broken you can report it. If a link is broken or faulty you can report it. We reward you with coins for all successfully reported things
18) My Link Says INVESTIGATION. What is this?
If your link changes to Investigation dont worry about it. This means another member has reported it for some reason. We get thousands per day to check. If we find something wrong or a breach of our Terms and conditions we either ban or delete the link. Your link will not be displayed while under investigation. We normally aim to check all reports within 24 Hours, during busy times please allow up to 48 Hours
19) My Link Says BANNED. What is this?
We found something wrong with your link. Check our Terms of Service for possible cause
20) My Account is Banned?
We have a lot of automated Bots that are working. Those bots are checking the system for any strange activity. Your account may have been banned by one of these bots or because you have broken our Terms and conditions
21) I've forgot my Username?
Please use the Reset Password link from the homepage. In this email you will get your username

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