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We invite you to increase your number of fans, followers, visitors, ..., by adding : We will try to answer as many questions as you may have while using our platform.
  • Can I add my fan pages and my Facebook account!?
    You can Only add your fan page. You can not add your Facebook account. We do not sell packages of friends or fans neither for Facebook nor for other social networks. We only offer an exchange system and invitations between fans, followers and visitors. All members have the right to accept or refuse a request from a friend/follower/fan.,
  • Can I earn points for free!?
    Yes, you can earn points for free by several ways: by becoming follower and/or by sharing and by visiting pages/links that you would find interesting using the button
  • I have no more points and I would reuse my points for another link/account, can I do it?!
    Yes, if you want to reuse the points you've already bet to another link/account, you must remove this link/account that you added points to.:
    • If you pause (make inactive) a link, you can't use its points. You must delete this link before to reuse its points,
    • Any link remains active and accessible by members through our platform, its points are deductible.
  • I need more points, Can I buy some points?!
    Yes, you can buy points. The earned points on our platform allow you to:
    • Add more links,
    • Bet more points on one or all of your links,
    • Offer more points to members who like, share, visit your links and/or wish to follow you and/or to become one of your fans.
  • I want to display my links and my social accounts at the top of the listing, Can I get a Premium account!?
    Yes, you can get a premium account which gives you the following advantages:
    • Show your links and/or accounts at the top of the listing and get more visibility and potentially more clicks,
    • Offer more points than a member, who has a "free" account can offer, to other members that like, share, visit your links and/or want to follow you and/or become one of your fan.

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Posted on Friday February 24, 2017

Increase your affiliate link

Increase your affiliate link
How to increase facebook fans fast, add me/others faster on social networks...
Increase your affiliate link

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