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1) >Links that you can submit
This site of link exchange offers you the possibility to submit your links from social networks, blogs and/or websites. We control all submitted links and we're keeping the right to edit, modify, delete and/or ban any link that is violating these common rules. No exception is going to be offered for the violation links and coins added to pecified link are not going to be refunded. Please do submit your personal and SAFE links Only. All for free.
2) >Links that you can NOT submit
You can NOT submit a link from a website that is promoting: Hate, Gun sales, Sex, Porno, Illegal content & file Downloads, Promotional content for any of your customers and/or competitive websites. Any link is violating these (illimited and can be enlarged at any moment) rules will be removed, the added points to this link will be lost and can NOT (be asked to) be refunded. We'll NOT make any exception.
3) >Don't submit a Competitive Website
If you're a member of other competitive websites, please do know that you're NOT allowed to add such kind of competitive Website here. You're risking to be banned and all your links/pages will be going to be banned. Your coins will be lost also.
4) >Facebook profiles & Photos
This website does NOT offer any system to add friends or suggest friends. You can ONLY submit your fan page to be liked if a user/member really likes it. We do NOT force members to like any fan page or any link. Members have the control to like whatever they find interesting. The golden rule: Like only what you're interested in.
5) >Social network profiles
If you have any of social network profile, you can submit your profile to enlarge your network but do NOT unfollow all our members, we've a control system to check if such thing happens to prevent from spammers/scammers.

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