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1) Starting of the Website - March 1st 2012
This site of link exchange, fans exchange, followers exchange and "Youtube, Dailymotion, Vimeo" views and others. Also listening to music (songs) from "Myspace, Skyrock and Soundcloud" has started with a minimum of features that are increasing now to help registrants to better promote their sites/blogs and profiles social networks. All for free.
2) Adding of Premium status - April 10th 2012
By selecting a Premium account you can put your links at the top of the list by increasing their CPC (cost per click) to 10 instead of 5, which is the maximum for Free accounts.
3) Adding of daily bonus system - June 1st 2012
Our site provides you the opportunity to earn a number of daily coins as a bonus (every 24 hours) that you can use on our site as you want. Log in everyday and start promoting your sites and social networks.
4) Adding more categories to share your submitted links - June 6th 2012
We hope by this feature bring you more choice on the categories in which you want to add your links. We want to help you gain visibility wider than everyone. You can submit your links you want to share on Facebook (Likes), Twitter (Tweets), Linkedin (Shares), Google Plus (Pulsed) Stumbleupon (Stumbles) Pinterest (Pins), Myspace (Music).
5) Adding of banners to be in rotation - June 15th 2012
You can submit your banners to be shown in rotation on our website and get more traffic to your blog/website. Banners submitted must be approved before to be in rotation. You must have a minimum of 50 coins remaining on your account to submit your banner. You would need to earn more coins or purchase to submit your banner.
6) More links to promote your referral links (per visit and per registration) - July 10th 2012
We all have more than one account on social networks and we all want to share our referral links directly with a single click on our preferred networks. We have added links to a maximum of the famous networks but also to the profiles MSN (the message will appear in your MSN messenger window) and you can inform your contacts (selectable) from Gmail.
7) Adding more social networking accounts - August 1st 2012
You can now add your profiles: Twitter, Stumbleupon, Pinterest, Myspace, Friendfeed and Soundclound. Currently we are working on the possibility of integrating these following social networks: Youtube and Google Circles. Digg* site has been updated and we want to integrate in the near future.
8) Adding of inviting friends system via Facebook - August 5th 2012
We chose this feature that allows registered members to invite their Facebook friends and make them discover the features of our site and help them to earn more coins for doing invitations.
9) Adding of code generator system of Slides - August 12th 2012
We think of you! Some members of our site who have a blog or website and may want to have a slide like that exists on our website on the side (left or right) and which will enable them to promote their Facebook Fan page, their tweets, thier Google+ Badge (Follow / add to circles) and at the same time their affiliate link.
10) Adding of videos from Dailymotion - August 27th 2012
We always bring to you a maximum of news on our site. Now you can submit your Dailymotion video links and earn coins by watching other members' videos from Dailymotion.
11) Adding of Delicious followers and Diigo Friends - September 3rd 2012
The maximum of features that we can add is the best for our members! We just added these two new features to help our subscribed members to increase their social network on Diigo & Delicious and give them more visibility to help them get a maximum of followers and friends on the Web.
12) Adding of Vimeo Followers/Friends - September 6th 2012
A new feature that we offer to our subscribed members! We just added this new HOT feature to help our subscribed members to increase their social network on Vimeo and give them more visibility to help them get a maximum of followers and friends on Vimeo.
13) Adding of Reverbnation Fans - September 17th 2012
This new feature is added for Reverbnation's members (Artist, Fan, Label, Venue)! We just added this very HOT feature to give to Reverbnation's members (Artist, Fan, Label, Venue) the possibility to increase their social network on Reverbnation and to offer them more visibility and get a maximum of fans on Reverbnation.
14) Adding Fans on Dribbble - September 24th 2012
More features on our website. For our members who have an account on Dribbble, we just added this new feature to give our members on Dribbble the opportunity to increase their social network and to give them more visibility and have a maximum of fans on Dribbble.
15) Adding friends on Googleplus Circles - October 08th 2012
A new feature has been added to our website. For all registered members who have an account on Google Plus Circles, now you can expand your circles on GooglePlus! We just added this "HOT" new feature to give users of Google Plus One, the opportunity to increase the number of their friends on the social network of "Google Plus One", offer them more visibility and get a maximum followers on "Google Plus One".
16) Adding emailings - March 04th 2013
A new feature has been added to this exchange website on the Internet. Our registered members can earn more points by reading our partners emailings. You can read emailings and earn more points! We also help you find niches and promotions to help you doing smarter shopping. The more you read emailings, the more you earn points and you make purchases cheaper.
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